An Informal Introduction to Graphics Printed on Fabric..Peep Game...

The sun is out. The birds are chirping. The wind is blowing. It is a nice day to go to the beach, but you know what else this weather calls for? (A cold beer?) No, not that. Well maybe that too. Don't you miss out and sleep on the Word is Bond crew (I mean who would?) here are some upcoming events, where you get another chance to be a recipient of some exquisite, recherché, superlative clothing.

For all the people with hearts of true-ness, there will be a Truehearted show in Santa Cruz June 10th at 418 Cedar St @ Cafe Perg 7:00 Pm! So come out throw some elbows, punches, and get some blood on your white shirt! We will have a table there selling merch so come check us out!

What does the crystal ball say? The future is saying that there might be collaboration in the works with San Jose’s own Amoroso and Oakland's KRSD brand in the Summer. Stick close to your computer, laptop, or keep your ears open for what we have in the works. Also this summer, we will have a summer collective based on adventures and these west coast vibes that we all be riding out here on the west coast baby!

So you may be asking who’s this guy typing on the other end of this message. Well Hi, I’m Nick. Longtime friends with J.Duh and Corey. We practically grew up together and got kicked out of skate spots together. I will be posting more blogs, bugging you to check us out! If y’all have any questions about upcoming merch or you’re like where the fuck is my shirt at or if you just want to tell us that your name better be on the lottery recipient list, shoot us an email we love to respond! For now, Goodbye. Word is Bond.

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