What is a PRESALE?

A PRESALE is a collection of PRE-ORDER items. These include limited edition items or new items. 

What is a PRE-ORDER item?

PRE-ORDER items are made-to-order garments. That means you order them and we make them. All PRE-ORDER items will start to be produced the day after the specified PRE-ORDER END DATE. The orders will be shipped out 1-2 weeks after the PRE-ORDER END DATE.

are all items presale? 

No, items are available and ready to be shipped now unless a specified  PRESALE date is in the description of the item.

What if I order a PRE-ORDER item and a READY NOW item together?

If you order both PRE-ORDER and READY NOW items together, your order will follow the shipping timeline of the PRE-ORDER item to make sure you get everything together at once.

"I purchased a PRE-ORDER item on the (#) day of (#) month." Where is my order?

Your order is cooking in the oven! We have not forgotten about you. You will receive an email with a tracking number when it's produced and on its way.  

I'm local to san José and want to pick up my items in person instead of paying for shipping, is this possible? 

Yes, you could pick up your orders from our location (27s 1st Street San Jose, CA) Thursday-Sunday from 5pm-9pm unless we schedule another time/day that works best for you. Enter code: "ICANPICKITUP" at check out for free shipping. We will then follow up with an email when your items are ready for pickup. THIS INCLUDES PRESALES. 

*Please note that this code is to be used only if you are willing to pick up items from the address listed above. WE WILL NOT SHIP OUT ANY ORDERS THAT USE THIS CODE.*   


We are always open to submissions! Email us at wordisbondclothingusa@gmail.com. We try our best to keep our shows diverse showcasing the core scenes that we are involved in, because of this it may take awhile before we contact you to showcase/perform! 


Due to a shortage of magical elves that work for this brand, all sales are final at the moment. However we will be working to catch some more elves to help change this in the future.