About us



Word Is Bond started in 2015 with one simple message: keep your word. Still up and coming it is one of the numerous clothing brands growing from the alluring streets of Northern California. Our style is influenced by the many scenes we grew up with in the Bay Area that formed our own independent, DIY attitude that pushes us daily to create unique and original designs as a creative outlet. Many people who listen to hip hop will know the saying “word is bond” from lyrics by some of hip hops legends. They come from a time where your word meant everything. Being part of what feels like the last generation of a time where you had to learn things on your own without the internet by going out and experiencing the trial and error of things, or hopefully be cool enough to have wisdom passed down to you from the Older Guys, integrity and dedication has and will always be an important part of our brand. Expect many collaborations with like minded individuals in the future. Nothing is more important to us than keeping the culture that made us who we are, alive.

Word is Bond, Till We Gone.