When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons...what do you do? Hold lemons in your hand and say “Hey I have lemons”... no you make some lemonade. We got this shit ice cold...cups ready. Come sip on this ice cold lemonade tomorrow at the Snaughty and Friends Art #2. There will be forty different artists on hand and some will be actually performing live in the flesh. How about liven up ya household with artwork straight from the calice's from Bay Area artists? Maybe place those canvases in ya living room and by all means in the fucking restrooms as long hits the light somewhere. Bring your empty stomachs so the Snaughty fam will fill ya up. Come support some local clothing brands.   Let the good times roll and feast ya eyes upon some creative fucking minds out of the Bay Area. Word is Bond is coming out of the shadows and making our first public appearance, so come out and support the cause. Sip on this lemonade with us. Word is Bond.

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