506 Days Later..

Word is Bond has hibernated for 506 days.

We are well rested, our bags under our eyes have disappeared. 2020 was a rough year. The world was hit with a pandemic. Long lines at grocery stores, everybody staying at home and constant fear circulating in our minds 24/7. Shit was not cool. But we managed to keep with it. Taking it day by day just like all of y’all. That's all you can really do.
As we all are trying to get back into our daily routines, We at Word is Bond are doing the same. Paying homage to who we are, what we do and how we live. Sometimes we gotta take a step, look in the mirror and remind ourselves who we are. This is who we are. Our mainstay logo printed on a classic black tee. Keep a lookout for many drops throughout the year.
“Word is Bond ‘Till We Gone”
-Nicholas Muñoz

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